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Plug Load Efficiency

Numerous on-site surveys have shown that 44% of all computer monitors and 100% of vending machines are left on after-hours.

Also, a larger percentage of computers are powered on but are left unused during the day? The average daily computer use is just 4 hours per day, meaning that approximately 35% of offices are empty at any given time during the workday.

Plug Load Solutions


  • Reduce vending machine electric costs 30-50%
  • Keeps the drinks cold
  • Approved by cold drink distributors such as Coke & Pepsi
  • Extends vending machine equipment life – Fewer Repairs
  • Data Sheet


  • A typical cooler uses approximately 460 watts or about $322 per year depending on prevailing electric rates
  • CoolerMiser utilizes a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to determine occupancy in the area around the cooler
  • Keeps the drinks cold
  • Data Sheet


  • A snack machine lighting and electronics typically draw 80 – 100 watts 24/7 including Holidays
  • Automatically powers down the snack machines when the SnackMiser senses 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Data Sheet


  • Cuts electric costs by as much as 50%
  • Turns off the computer monitor automatically when no one is around
  • Extends equipment life
  • Exceeds Energy Star by as much as 30x
  • No more software conflicts


  • Utilities provide financial incentives for Plug Load Efficiency
  • Conservation Solutions will complete all the paperwork

Tell us about your plug load efficiency needs. We can help.

Vending Product Features:

  • VendingMiser is invisible to users
  • Equipment is powered up when anyone approaches the machine, and is powered down when the area is vacant.

Product integrity is maintained

  • VendingMiser measures ambient temperature and compressor current, repowering the vending machine as needed to
  • ensure that cold product temperature is maintained.

VendingMiser use has been approved by Coke and Pepsi

  • VendingMiser has been tested by The Coca-Cola Company and The Pepsi-Cola Company and they have concluded that the VendingMiser has no impact on product quality or on the vending machine.

Product is always available for vending

  • The customer never sees a powered down vending machine.

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