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Air Quality

How do we determine the best UVC System design for your building? Conservation Solutions technicians will either visit the site or the data about the coil sizes can be collected by building staff. The dimensions of the coil, the size of the plenum and the number of access doors to the coil are all that is required. If the cfm of the coil is excessive, we will also need that information.

Conservation Solutions can help identify potential health issues associated with the cooling coils by analyzing mold and bacteria levels in the coil. Our technicians can also determine potential energy losses from the accumulation of biofilm in the coil that is reducing heat transfer efficiency and restricting air flow.

The biofilm is the breeding ground for bacteria, mold and viruses in building cooling systems that can be the cause of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), poor indoor air quality (IAQ) which can lead to health issues including asthma, allergies, headaches and other health issues, sick building syndrome, energy losses and reduced performance by building occupants.

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