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Water Use – Are Your Water Costs Out of Control?

Conservation Solutions is highly effective in designing water efficiency programs tailored to meet your budget. We take a comprehensive look at opportunities to reduce water use by increasing efficiency. We work closely with customers to dramatically reduce water use in buildings by identifying and installing state of the art technologies that best meet the unique needs of your building or facility.

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Air Quality and What You Don’t Know

THE PROBLEMS Coronavirus/Covid-19 Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) The Human Costs of Poor Indoor Aire Quality (IAQ) Odors Energy Losses – Heat Transfer & Air Circulation COVID-19 Covid-19 is known to be transmitted through the air as a bioaerosol. Conservation Solutions has follows recommendations by the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Section 2.0, the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and the CDC recommendations to combat the highly infectious Covid-19 virus. According to ASHRAE Section 2.2, the following play a role in...

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Water Resources: Why Water Conservation & Water Efficiency is Important

Water: Only 3% of water on earth is fresh water. 70% of the fresh water is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. Only 1% of the fresh water is surface water in lakes and rivers and many rivers no longer make it to the oceans, and if they do they are often polluted carry high levels of industrial, municipal, and agricultural runoff that cause growing anaerobic “dead” zones in oceans. expanded as well as regulations to further reduce pollutants discharged into rivers from wastewater treatment plants. Water and Sewer costs are rising as water resources are depleted and regulations to improve...

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Solving the scale problems associated with Landfills & Wastewater

Landfill Leachate Collection Systems (LCS) can often suffer from excessive scaling and clogging of piping systems, pumps, etc. Conventional remediation methods include expensive hydro-blasting and/or acid cleaning but the problem quickly returns. Problems with scale build-up in forced main and gravity main? What about wet well / lift station fouling with scale? Are you dealing with side slope scale issues Replacing or repairing pneumatic and/or electric pumps due to scale build-up? WasteWater SystemsAre you looking for ways to reduce chemical reduction, improved sludge dewatering in these...

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How do you know you are maintaining optimal Air Quality in your Building or Facility?

Air quality in the HVAC systems is an often overlooked problem although it has become more important with concerns about Covid-19 and issues with liability. Biofilm grows in the moist environment of building air conditioning coils. Bacteria, Molds and Viruses can amplify in this environment resulting in pathogens recirculating in the building causing health issues. Problems: COVID-19 IAQ HAIs Spread of Infections Reduced Professional Staff Performance Liability Absenteeism Energy Losses Biofilm in Coils Causing Heat Transfer Loss Shorter Produce Shelf Life Biofilm in Coils Causing Fan Motor...

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