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Water Use – Are Your Water Costs Out of Control?

Looking for Ways to Reuse Water Before it goes Down the Drain? High Water & Sewer Rate? Leaks? Wasting Water with Inefficient Equipment? Tenants Not Paying for the Water They Use? Paying for Sewer Bills When the water evaporates or is used to irrigate & Never...

Air Quality and What You Don’t Know

THE PROBLEMS Coronavirus/Covid-19 Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) Ventilator Associated Pneumonias (VAPs) The Human Costs of Poor Indoor Aire Quality (IAQ) Odors Energy Losses – Heat Transfer & Air Circulation COVID-19COVID-19 is known to be transmitted...

A Word About Ionization Systems: DON’T DO IT

Open Letter to address the use of Electronic Air Cleaning Equipment in Buildings by Dr. Marwa Zaatari, Dr. Marcel Harmon Reviewed and supported by: Dr. Linsey Marr, Dr. Jose Luis Jimenez, Dr. William Bahnfleth, Dr. Shelly Miller, Dr. Jeff Siegel, Mr. Hoy Bohanon, Dr....

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