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Pressure Independent Temperature Control, Total Authority, Dynamic Balancing Valve and 2-way BACnet Communications

Why Dynamically Balanced Systems?

As the cost of energy increases along with the importance of environmental stewardship, proven energy savings technologies become more critical to building performance. Dynamic balancing and pressure independent control valves improve comfort and reduce energy costs. Dynamic balancing allows for fewer overall components and higher efficiencies.

The result is greater comfort, and energy savings at a lower installed price.

Did You Know?

  • Two out of Three buildings have indoor comfort problems
  • Most problems are caused by hydronic system imbalance, not by control malfunctions
  • A hydronic system will not function properly unless accurately balanced
  • System balancing devices account for less than 2% of the HVAC investment

Why FlowCon Dynamically Balanced Systems?

The FlowCon valve line ranges from 0.273 GMP to 1220 GPM with a unique advantage of being able to field adjust the GPM with a service key ( the key to a successfully balanced system)

2-Way Communications
GPM settings can be remotely change on the new SM Actuators, and the actuators enable monitoring of GPM flow via feedback from the actuator for measurement and verification.

FlowCon automatic balancing valves work with variable frequency drive (VFD) pumping systems.

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