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SteamLoc® System

“It is important for the user to understand that conventional steam traps offer the manufacturer a much greater profit and their primary source of income. They do not want to promote the orifice steam trap and many will try to discourage its use.”

– The Steam Trap Handbook – James F. McCauley P.E.

Replace your old system with a long term solution, and say goodbye to venting steam!

SteamLoc® System
The Primary Advantages of the SteamLoc® Tubular Outlet Technology are:

  • 10 Year+ Warrantee
  • Reduce Fuel Use/Energy Costs
  • Reduce Water/Sewer Costs
  • Reduce Chemical Treatment Cost
  • No Moving Parts to Fail
  • Eliminate Changing Steam Traps Year After Year
  • Reduce Service Calls
  • Fewer Hot and Cold Zones
  • Eliminate Venting Receivers
  • Simple Installation into existing trap bodies
  • Simple installation. SteamLoc® inserts
  • fit into existing trap bodies.
  • Simple installation: SteamLoc® inserts fit into existing trap bodies.
  • All SteamLoc® traps are custom engineered to each specific application.

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