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Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers

  • How much water is evaporating from your cooling tower or evaporative condenser? – Why are you paying for the sewer charge on water that never sees the sewer line?
  • How much water is blow-down from the cooling tower or evaporative condenser? Is it too much? Why?

Water Savings in Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condenser

Cooling Towers or evaporative condenser are typically the largest water users in a building. Cooling Tower or evaporative condenser can evaporate thousands and up to millions of gallons depending on the size of the system. There is also a very significant amount of water going down the drain with the blow-down to maintain cycles of concentration levels to minimize scale (calcite) build-up in the cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers or evaporative condensers. Any reductions in water use in a cooling system can have an impact on reducing your water and sewer costs. Conservation Solutions Corporation recommends state of the art technologies to reduce water use in cooling systems including the SoftWave Solutions Electronic Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems that reduce the blow-down on a cooling tower 15% – 50% depending on the quality of the city or well water supply.

Water Efficient Filtration System for Cooling Towers

Conservation Solutions Corporation also recommends filtration systems including bag filters, sand filters and separators for larger materials (+50 microns). Filtration in cooling systems improves system performance and can help to reduce corrosion that can be caused by anaerobic bacteria growing under dirt and debris accumulating in the basin of the cooling tower or evaporative condenser and throughout the cooling system.


Once Thru Cooling System Wastewater

  • Do you have systems in your building that use water to cool by running the water over a coil and the down the drain 24/7?
  • How much does it cost you?
  • Isn’t that a waste of your money?
  • What are the alternatives?

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Water Use – Are Your Water Costs Out of Control?

Water Use – Are Your Water Costs Out of Control?

Conservation Solutions is highly effective in designing water efficiency programs tailored to meet your budget. We take a comprehensive look at opportunities to reduce water use by increasing efficiency. We work closely with customers to dramatically reduce water use in buildings by identifying and installing state of the art technologies that best meet the unique needs of your building or facility.

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