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Swimming Pools

Why Soak Yourself in Chemicals When There
are Natural Ways to Treat Pools and Spas?

Creative Water Solutions PoolMoss®

There are many opportunities to reduce water use in swimming pools and including reducing hazardous chemicals, saving water, saving energy, reducing corrosion, reducing staining, stabilizing pH and Alkalinity, reducing CO2 use, reducing maintenance, improving air quality, prolonging equipment life and make the pool experience more enjoyable.

We have solutions

ProMoss®, Pool Moss® & Spa Moss™
In our process, Sphagnum moss works much like a tea bag. The moss is placed inside a contact chamber which allows it to interact and treat the pool water. Once treated, the water helps reduce organic contamination, which is a primary catalyst for a host of common pool issues. At the same time, Sphagnum moss is releasing a buffer into the water, which helps to naturally stabilize pH and alkalinity. It also binds metal ions (e.g. calcium, magnesium, iron), which helps diminish scaling and staining. Corrosion, disinfection by-products (DBP), and organic contamination are dramatically reduced. For those pools with surge tanks, the moss (which is enclosed in a mesh bag) is placed in a contact chamber and lowered into the tank. The circulation of the pool is all that is needed to treat the water. Moss is changed on a monthly cycle. The old is removed and replaced with the new. The contact chamber is lifted out of the surge-tank and re-submerged after the change is made. Our other method allows a contact chamber to be plumbed in. In this case, the contact chamber is installed in a “slipstream” application, so that water flow through the chamber can be controlled. The moss is still changed monthly, and effects to air and water remain the same.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Water Quality
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Stabilized pH and Alkalinity
  • Reduced Scale and Staining
  • Reduced Corrosion

Key Results:

  • Reduced Chemical Usage
  • Reduced Water Usage
  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • More Enjoyment


Imagine a spa experience without foam, itchy skin, discolored hair or the odor of spa chlorine.

Years of testing and research have shown that using the SpaMoss® Pro system means less spa maintenance and more time to enjoy the natural comfort of your spa.

Whether it’s stable pH levels or fewer water changes, spa care and maintenance is easier with moss. Simply follow the system steps, monitor water chemistry and replace moss refills monthly. Use less spa chlorine, spa bromine, ionizer, shock and sanitizer – less often. You’ll see and feel a difference.

Enjoy a spa experience that’s naturally more comfortable:

  • Better spa water clarity
  • pH stability
  • Less foaming and odor
  • Improved skin comfort
  • Fewer water changes
  • Easier spa maintenance

PoolMoss® Pro

Moss makes pool care and balancing pool water chemistry less work, while having a great experience.

Contact Chambers

Each contact chamber will create a unique interaction with the PoolMoss® Pro and the water within the chamber. The effects of an actual bog are replicated within the chambers, and efficiently delivered throughout the system.

Breakaway® Flush

Creative Water Solutions has developed Breakaway® flush, which effectively removes organic contamination in particulate filters. We also developed a method of breaking up the media using a combination of flush and air scouring. The ideal combination to maintain maximally efficient filtration is to combine Breakaway® flush with SpaMoss® Pro treatment of the water. Breakaway® flush treatment and Breakaway® air scour reduces the organic contamination in the filter media, allowing SpaMoss® Pro to condition all the water and surfaces in the spa. They work together to provide optimal and maximally efficient water treatment.

  • An important component of the CWS treatment system that cleans filter media and pool/spa surfaces
  • Helps prepare spas for SpaMoss® Pro treatment
  • Decreases the water transition time after starting SpaMoss® Pro
  • Can be used periodically to enhance filter media efficiency and effectiveness

Air Scouring Kit/Components

Air scouring uses high flow – low pressure air flow – delivered to the filter outflow pipe in order to efficiently deliver the Breakaway® flush in the disrupted filter bed media.

  • Attaches air blower/compressor to the filter outflow pipe
  • Allows Breakaway® flush to be efficiently delivered to the filter media
  • Quick connect fitting remains in place on spa pipe for future treatments
  • Installs and attaches quickly

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