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Water Filtration

Water filteration has been mired in using hazardous chemicals for decades resulting in polluting billions of gallons of perfectly good drinking water.

Conservation Solutions will meet with the customer to first understand any specific problems that are customer is experiencing. In most cases, our first objective is to obtain a water sample from the site and analyzes the components of the water supply. Based on the water testing results we can determine the cause of problems, potential problems and related issues with water supply impacting equipment. Armed with the water analysis, we determine the best technologies to address the problems and provide a written report with specific technology recommendations, potential energy, water and sewer savings and chemical cost reductions. The proposal includes costs, savings and return on investment (ROI) recommendations. Conservation Solutions also provide long term water treatment service programs tailored to your requirements. CSC service technicians are on-site to verify the water treatment and filtration operating performance, visual inspections of customer equipment, testing water for bacteria, Legionella, as well as other components including conductivity, alkalinity, pH, chlorides, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids and more.

Water treatment technologies have evolved to include proven non-hazardous water treatment technologies that don’t pollute perfectly good drinking water. Conservation Solutions can address most if not all of the water treatment issues experienced by our customers with these cost effective water treatment systems and filtration technologies.

For over 20 years Conservation Solutions has provided innovative non-hazardous water treatment solutions to address the most common issues associated with water treatment:

  • Eliminate scale on heat transfer surfaces
  • Control bacteria including Legionella
  • Eliminate biofilm fouling
  • Control algae
  • Control corrosion

Cooling Systems: These innovative water treatment and filtration systems can potentially save millions of gallons of water and reduce sewer costs especially in cooling systems. These water treatment systems address the critical issues associated with water treatment in cooling s systems including eliminating hard rock calcite scale, eliminate biofilm which both save energy; controlling bacteria to well below levels with chemical treatment resulting in essentially eliminating Legionella concerns. Corrosion is also controlled with these water treatment technologies but based on the water analysis some non-hazardous corrosion inhibitors may be required. In addition chemical use is significantly reduced or eliminated. Since we have eliminated chemicals in many cases, the cooling water is clean and can also be reused for secondary applications resulting in additional water savings that can be substantial. Conservation Solutions

Testing & Performance Verification: Conservation Solutions provide long term water treatment service programs. CSC service technicians are on-site monthly to verify the operating performance of our systems water treatment and filtration, by testing water for bacteria, Legionella,

Scale Control: Hard rock calcite scale in areas with hard water is a significant and costly problem. Conservation Solutions eliminates calcite scale issues in almost all applications. Eliminating calcite scale does not require exposing staff or contractors to caustic acids or require time consuming difficult maintenance or replacing equipment fouled by scale. Our water treatment systems effectively eliminate hard rock calcite scale by simply wrapping a coil around the water supply pipes to the equipment and plugging into a control panel. Exiting hard rock calcite scale is removed in a matter of weeks and the hard rock calcite scale is prevented from forming going forward.

We can help you with eliminating stains, scale in hot water heaters, mixing valves, domestic water equipment, steam boilers, small & large process equipment, ice machines, coffee maker, landfills, wastewater plants and more.

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